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Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

Paragraph tag

Modified heading

Fancy Heading

        <.h1>h1.Heading 1</.h1>
<.h2>h2.Heading 2</.h2>
<.h3>h3.Heading 3</.h3>
<.h4>h4.Heading 4</.h4>
<.h5>h5.Heading 5</.h5>
<.p>Paragraph tag</.p>
<.h2 class="text-sky-500 dark:text-sky-400">Heading 2</.h2>
  <span class="text-transparent bg-clip-text bg-gradient-to-r from-indigo-500 via-purple-500 to-pink-500">
    Fancy Heading


Defaults are indicated in bold . Additional properties will be added to the x element.

Name Type Options
label :string -
class :string -
inner_block :slot -
[all additional properties] Will be forwarded to all typography HTML elements.